understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, I cannot seem to refrain from saying just a word about the Beloved Staff, the Messengers, the Tremendous (pause) Service which they render.

You notice I caught that before it got out. You are not supposed to say “work” and I almost did; but in the Tremendous Service which they are rendering without salary – and yet, how Great and Almighty has been their Blessing.

Do you not see when you serve the Light, you must know its only a short way until your very Service to that Light, compels the Light to turn and begin to serve you?

Oh, My Dear Ones, don’t think you are ever forgotten or passed by for a single moment by the Presence of Life. It is beating your Hearts every moment, supplying you with energy; and your Higher Mental Bodies know everything which is going on here and all of your requirements.

As soon as you change to the Outpouring of Divine Love and Blessing upon all persons, places, conditions, and appearances – even though you know those appearances must be corrected, still pour out Divine Love and Blessing – all will change to assist you.

Call the Power of the “Presence” to sweep Its Mighty Light Rays into the condition and dissolve the imperfection there. Then keep your feelings harmonious, and the Mighty Activity of the Light goes on in Its Magnificent Splendor, in a way no other one thing will permit.”

Mighty Victory

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