understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you ladies and gentlemen who have the human sense of years upon you, try it! Give Us your attention on going to sleep – first to your “Presence” always, then to Us; and ask for Our Sustained Energy and Youthful Action, and see if you do not see the change!

We are offering the Presence of Life to you, and We know how to release It! You must first make your Call; and then what you lack in your feeling, We can supply temporarily, until you are the Master of substance and vibration!

How many of you in this room can think with Me for a few moments? Remember, if it were not for the Vibratory Action of Life in your body, the structure of your human body would not hold together fifteen minutes.

That is the Truth of Life! All Life’s Mighty Action is substance and vibration.

Therefore, the Power of Life within you is the Vibratory Action which makes every organ of your bodies function.” It circulates your blood and the nerve fluid through your nerves.

Then still, Beloved Ones, you think that Life cannot produce Its Perfection in your human form, because the appearance has caused you to believe it was difficult to do!

Will you not remove that difficulty from your feeling world, and just LET Life set you Free?”


Mighty Victory

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