understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of your Power of Qualification in the words that you use by the hour; and be very careful, Beloved Ones, that you do not joke with the Law! It might choose to joke with you! It is not quite safe!

You see, you are responsible for every vibratory action which you send forth in your world of action. You do not quite understand that, but you cannot speak a word, you cannot feel a feeling, that you do not send forth a vibratory action into your world of action.

If you understood and would send forth the Ascended Masters’ Words of Power, which are in those Books, in your Mighty “I AM” Decrees, and stand by them – soon you would see the Outpicturing of the Perfection of Their Qualities, which is in Their Words!

Oh, please won’t you remember to not ever say, “I can’t, I am broke, I am a failure.” Oh, please do not ever say those words again! You are being false to Life when you use those terms!

I am very serious just now, Beloved Ones.

You are untrue to Life when you let your lips or your feelings utter those words – “I am sick, I am unhappy, I am broke, I am helpless, I am the victim of circumstances.”

Oh, My Dear People, what makes a discordant circumstance? Your denial of the “I AM” Powers of Life!

Beloved Ones, I plead with you, be careful of your words and the vibratory action which goes out from your feeling world!

When you see or realize that your feeling is the Powerhouse of you and your worlds, if you charge that feeling with discord and limitation, how can you hope to have Harmony, Happiness, and the Victory of Life?

Since this Service has been rendered, tonight I am prompting you on these things; and won’t you be kind enough, please, to stand guard and be alert to your words and feelings?

Oh, if you would only do it for thirty days, you would see the reason why I plead with you; thus you would allow Us to give you the Assistance which Life wants you to have.

Then, you would come into sufficient Mastery so quickly that you would not require Our Assistance; but today you do require it very much!”

Mighty Victory

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