understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We call Eternal Blessing upon all those who have assisted in the radio; for you have no idea, Beloved Ones, what the Class Broadcasts have done for your city.  You cannot imagine, even in the great number of people who have come to know of this Great “I AM” Presence of Life, how It has helped them. (applause)

I call in the Power of My Victory, that the Presence of your Life, everyone who has assisted in the radio, be multiplied in ten, twenty, or a thousandfold if necessary, to bring all that your Heart has wished to give in the way of assistance! If you will cooperate with Me in that Call, you shall have abundance with which to do what you wish for the Light.

Today the wealth, the money which is used in useless frivolity, if once turned in the Service of this Light, would produce a Transformation in America in six months, which you would scarcely recognize.

All that is coming, Beloved Ones; and one day you will be so happy, so grateful that you were a part of the Vanguard of Light, the Army of Light sweeping across the Earth, in your Armor of Crystal Light.

How many of you in this room tonight could tell Me how many of you are already wearing it? How many of you have visited with Me in that Crystal Armor? We are not strangers, please be advised of that now.

When those bodies of yours sleep, how We take advantage of that opportunity to see you, grasp your hand, shake your hands, and say, “Children of Earth, go on and on and on.”

If you will remind yourselves of this on going to sleep, you will return with a Strength and Energy which you never conceived possible.”

Mighty Victory

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