understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, as I have observed, Beloved Students, that this one point is most vital to every one of you to understand:  that you must hold the balance of self-control in your feelings in your Call to the Presence of Life, to produce Its Perfection for you. Please do not forget it! Remind yourselves daily of that need; then We can give you Greater Assistance.

Therefore, tonight, the Greatest Service is being rendered in your mental and feeling worlds and your physical bodies, which has ever been rendered in a Class thus far. (applause)

If you awaken in the morning and say to yourselves or someone else:  “I don’t feel any different. I wonder just what He was talking about! I should have had a Miracle by the time I awakened this morning” – you only delay the Miracle. If you haven’t had it, don’t say that – don’t feel it!

Go on accepting the Miracle, and then see how great will be the Outpouring!

We are very Practical Individuals! You might not believe that! If We had not been, We would not be Free! That is why you see the Messengers so natural, so very practical; and when there was erased from their consciousness the feeling of any mysticism of Life, what a Release it was!

In many of the teachings of mankind, mysticism has been instilled into their consciousness, until they are constantly looking for something mysterious which they have to slip around the corner to find. They look behind the curtain to see if it is there. Don’t do that!

Look here (pointing to the “Presence”), to the Greatest Power and Intelligence in the Universe – your own “Mighty I AM Presence”.”

Mighty Victory

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