understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let Me verify your Beloved Messenger. When he describes that Chart to you and that Mighty Activity of the Ascension, I want you to know – I made the Ascension just exactly as he describes; and every other Ascended Being has made It like that also!

Your Beloved Jesus left an Example to the Earth – the Etheric Record of the Ascension, which Record no other Ascended Master has ever made. Yet everyone’s Ascension was made in the same – the identical manner!

My Dear Ones, in your feeling world is the record of everything which has ever been thought, felt, or spoken. We read it like a book! Therefore, I say to you, in giving obedience to Life, when the Messengers are compelled sometimes to correct mistakes, don’t have resentment or self-pity!

I tell you, Beloved Ones, self-pity is one of the most deadly activities acting within mankind. Watch! that it never acts within you!

I say for your strength and encouragement, this Beloved Messenger who is voicing My Words to you, up until he was twenty-three years old, had it so tremendously – and see him today! It should be convincing to every one of you, that any quality which is within your world that should not be there, you can cause to be removed and quickly.

So tonight, let all enter into the Fullness of all this Great Perfection which is just waiting and ready any moment to come forth! So let Me encourage you.

Never say to an individual, Beloved Students or Group Leaders, “I do not think you are ready!” Don’t do that! You cannot tell! Outwardly you don’t know!

Individuals who sometimes seem so very timid and almost helpless in the outer, have a very great Expansion of the Light! So never say to anyone, “You are not ready for this Light.”

Beloved Ones, I have taken so-called drunkards who were wallowing in the alleys of your cities, and have stood beside them, and by the Projection of a Light Ray from My Heart and My Hand, have dissolved and consumed within ten minutes, the seething vortex of accumulation which had placed those human forms in that condition. (applause)

I tell you, Beloved Ones, you could not imagine the so-called Miracles which are performed by the thousands every month upon your Earth, of which the outer world never hears.”

Mighty Victory

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