understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, the privilege is yours! As long as you waver in your feelings, you will find obstruction in your way; for you in your feelings put it there! Since you know that is not the thing to do, then guard your feelings with self-mastery and self-control!

Do you understand, Beloved Ones, that your Call to the Presence of Life must mean your balance of self-control in the human octave? How can you expect the “Presence” in your Call, to pour forth Its Harmony, Freedom, and Perfection if you will not give obedience to Life, or if you will not give obedience by self-control in your feelings?

You are calling to Life! Life is answering, but your fluctuating feeling will change your feeling and still give power to the appearance world in numerous ways! Then how can you have the Perfection of the “Presence” quickly?

What I want to do tonight is to help you to have this Perfection come quickly. In your “Presence” there is no time nor space, and you have observed these ten days have passed like a breath.

When your attention is upon the “I AM Presence” and Power of Life, you forget your bodies and you forget time; and that is what the human mind needs to do. It needs to forget those bodies long enough to let the Power of Life flow in and charge them with Its Health, Strength, and Perfection.

Beloved Ones, as you have heard your Beloved Lotus say to you, “Body consciousness is the thing that binds mankind.”


Therefore, if you want Freedom quickly, take your mind off your bodies. Put it on your “I AM Presence”, making the Call to your “Presence”; then keep your mind off the body once you have called the “Presence” into action to produce results there, even if you have to look at the stars!

A little training will make it quite easy for you; and whatever the struggle has been in the past, will not be in the future. (applause)”

Mighty Victory

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