understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I approached tonight, I was delighted beyond expression. As you quite well know, My present Home has been for some time at the Royal Teton. Your great love in your Call for the Messengers is the most glorious, beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in a city where so much discord has been, through the centuries!

You don’t know it perhaps, but long ago a city was here on this same spot, which mankind does not know existed! This is the first time it has ever been mentioned, but Chicago is not the first city on this location!

Why do you suppose, Beloved Ones, that Saint Germain chose Chicago as the first Release of this Mighty Intelligence? You who are here should be very happy, but be careful of your feelings! Do you know it has taken almost six years for you to believe what the Messenger said was true? However, this is encouraging.

It is said that slow progress makes a mighty foundation! So you see you are building a Mighty Foundation! [The Saint Germain Foundation].

Tonight, as I approached and saw in the atmosphere of this city, the Blazing Light which was here as your love released and you sent your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, words fail utterly to convey the Glory in My Heart!

Try to feel it – the Glory which is in My Heart tonight! It is again proof that the Life of mankind released to the point of Victory of the Light, is the Victory over all human conditions!

Today, where once the dark shadows of mankind’s creation obscured the Light, even as it has the Points of Light within your physical bodies, yet no longer is it able to do so.

Your Light, Beloved Ones, in the city of Chicago, tonight stands forth as a Mighty Blazing Beacon to the Powers of Light – and how They rejoice! How you should rejoice that the willingness to give response to Life has been within you, which would call forth this Mighty Release!

Oh, it is the most encouraging thing, and you should all be so greatly encouraged!”

Mighty Victory

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