tktt: Evolution and Illusion

“Enq:  But who is it that creates each time the Universe?

Theo:  No one creates it. Science would call the process evolution; the pre-Christian philosophers and the Orientalists called it emanation: we, Occultists and Theosophists, see in it the only universal and eternal reality casting a periodical reflection of itself on the infinite Spacial depths.

This reflection, which you regard as the objective material universe, we consider as a temporary illusion and nothing else.

That alone which is eternal is real.

Enq:  At that rate, you and I are also illusions.

Theo:  As flitting personalities, today one person, tomorrow another – we are.

Would you call the sudden flashes of the Aurora borealis, the Northern lights, a “reality”, though it is as real as can be while you look at it? Certainly not; it is the cause that produces it, if permanent and eternal, which is the only reality, while the other is but a passing illusion.

Enq:  All this does not explain to me how this illusion called the universe originates; how the conscious to be, proceeds to manifest itself from the unconsciousness that it is.

Theo:  It is unconsciousness only to our finite consciousness. Verily may we paraphrase verse v, in the 1st chapter of St. John, and say “and (Absolute) light (which is darkness) shineth in darkness (which is illusionary material light); and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”

This absolute light is also absolute and immutable law. Whether by radiation or emanation – we need not quarrel over terms – the universe passes out of its homogeneous subjectivity on to the first plane of manifestation, of which planes there are seven, we are taught.

With each plane it becomes more dense and material until it reaches this, our plane, on which the only world approximately known and understood in its physical composition by Science, is the planetary or Solar system – one sui generis, we are told.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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