understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why tonight I made this Special Effort to give you such Courage, Strength, and My Victory, so It will remain forever in Its Ever-expanding Activity for you, because it is Action We want now, Beloved Ones!

It is not just intellectual Application, or a feeling that someone can sit down in the corner and the “I AM Presence” will pour everything into his or her lap. That is not the idea!

Life is Action! Life is perpetual motion, the Greatest in the Universe! It never stops!”

Precious Beloved Students, do you think your efforts, your work for Life is finished by your efforts of the day? You have thought so, and you also think sometimes, “Oh dear, oh, isn’t it nice to stretch out!”

Remember, if you really had been calling the Energy of your “I AM Presence” forth into action, you would not be so anxious about that. You have Limitless Energy! Your Presence of Life here above you is the Great Outpouring at your Call.

Anyone can prove this who really will! When you get up in the morning, call forth this Limitless Energy for whatever you want – ten times more than your require! You see I am quoting Lotus – and you will have an abundance for whatever you require during the day.

Oh, Dear Ones, please, please do not any longer feel exhausted, feel tired and distressed, when you have all the Energy you want here above you! Oh, you can have It all at your Call! You can have all the Peace and Strength that you want!

Then stand guard over your feeling world! If something occurs suddenly, some so-called tragedy or condition which would ordinarily cause you distress, stop! Still yourself, and let the Power of Life take command of you FIRST, and then of the condition.

I want you to feel tonight that you are the Mastery, the Victory of Life!

Sometimes, Beloved Ones, individuals rebel because the Messengers have urged and urged them to feel the Fullness and Power of Life. They have urged the “I AM” Students everywhere to realize that whatever the Messengers have done, the Students could do, which is true; but never can anybody replace the Messengers! (applause – audience rising)

Why, Beloved Ones? Because so few are willing to give Complete Obedience. These humble Messengers who have come to wield such a Power, are still as humble as the day they left Chicago! (applause)

The beautiful jewels and things they have today for use, are Gifts of Love! So don’t anyone ever envy them the Gifts of Love, because they wear them for your Blessing and for the Blessing of all, and never for personal gratification or vanity.”

Mighty Victory

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