understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We are watching with all Earnestness to bring about a condition where a sufficient number of mankind can be shown – for instance an audience who could be lifted in Vibratory Action to where they could see these Activities as the Messenger does!

Only far more in that case would be revealed, so they might bear witness to the Perfection which the Messengers have described for more than three years!

We firmly believe, in what has been accomplished here, that it may be done – because mankind has been calling for some such Revelation, but notice the difference since Saint Germain brought this “I AM” Activity forward.

In the first year there was, I am frank to admit, considerable curiosity among the Students as to Our Reality, and as to the various things they were calling forth – for instance, Our Tangible Presence; but today that has grown into a Great, a Mighty Sincerity which is most gratifying to Us, and surely should be to you.

It means from the Expansion of the Light within your own Hearts there is coming that Mighty Activity which refuses all subterfuge of any kind. That is what We have been requiring.

Mankind from their feeling world must dispel all curiosity, all anxiety for these Great Manifestations! Then when they come, they will do for mankind what they are intended to do, because no thing is brought forth to satisfy anyone’s curiosity – that would be quite childish.

But when something Transcendent is brought forth, it is because It brings a Tremendous Release and Freedom to mankind; otherwise We would not make the Effort!”

Mighty Victory

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