understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why We call forth the Light of your “Mighty I AM Presence” – not only by your conscious effort, but your sincerity, your love, your honesty – for remember, you are bound to face that! There is not a thing which can prevent it. Why? Because your Life demands it!

Nothing in the world but your own Life is demanding, now at this time, that you face yourself and see whether you are honest, whether you are sincere, whether you are strong enough to stand against human suggestions – and if you will take the reins of Mastery in the acceptance of your “I AM Presence”, hold that Dominion, and remember in holding your Dominion, you are not the doer because you are the caller, if you would pardon that term.

You are the one who is calling Dominion forth, and that is why these Ascended Master Qualities must be certain within your feeling world – Honesty, Sincerity, Purity, and you must be free from false pride.

If you have a Revelation, if you are permitted to observe, or if you have tremendous success from your Application, and then you feel for a single instant, “Well, my Light is very much brighter than my associates because I was able to do this”, that would be very likely your downfall!

“I AM” mentioning some of these things today because they are so subtle. You have been taught something about your thought world, but mankind even yet know so little about their feeling world.

You will accept something in your feeling, and you will not know it until it outpictures; and that is where your danger is.

That is why I am prompting you today against all that is in the atmosphere and that in which you move in the outside world. If you draw that Tube of Light about you, or call the “I AM Presence” to draw It, you cannot fail to have the Protection which IS necessary.

We are touching upon and calling forth the things you most need. We are not going into any elaborate discourse, for in the Victory which is gained here, We are calling forth these Qualities and Powers within your own selves which you need right now; and with your obedience to that, in six months every one of you will thank Me and bless Me for having called your attention to certain of these things!”

Mighty Victory

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