tsdd appendix 4

*A Paper read before the Blavatsky Lodge of the T.S. by William Kingsland, President*

“But we may well doubt whether science by means of the inductive method can ever teach us anything respecting the deeper problems of our consciousness, can ever reach such generalizations and principles as are to be found in The Secret Doctrine.

Science refuses to deal with metaphysics, or even with such physics as physical phenomena, and we certainly cannot, as individuals, afford to wait until science shall have seen fit to offer a solution of certain problems with which we are more immediately acquainted.

Let us recognize the value of inductive science in its own proper sphere, but meanwhile let us also use the deductive method, and see whether we cannot arrive at general principles without having to spend our lives in accumulating innumerable facts, or in labeling with learned names the minutest subdivisions of every insect or plant which we can meet within the remotest corners of the globe.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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