tsdd appendix 4

*A Paper read before the Blavatsky Lodge of the T.S. by William Kingsland, President*

“Science Prides itself upon its generalizations, such as the law of the conservation of energy and the doctrine of evolution, and these two doctrines have certainly been responsible, more than everything else that science has done, for the breaking down of the narrow and superstitious conceptions of the government of the universe by the personal fiat of a Biblical Jehovah.

But The Secret Doctrine carries these generalizations immeasurably further than even science itself has yet ventured to do.

The Secret Doctrine, in fact, proceeds by an opposite method to that of science. The methods of science are inductive, proceeding from particulars to universals; the method of The Secret Doctrine is deductive, proceeding from universals to particulars. Now each of these methods has its own particular application and value.

Implicit faith should not be placed in either the one or the other, but each should be used in a legitimate way. Science ignores altogether the deductive method. Her generalizations and theories are built upon a vast mass of accumulated facts, which scientific men are ever adding to, while at the same time they endeavor to piece them together so as to form a connected whole.

The generalizations of science are the result of numbers of isolated observations and experiments. It may fall to the lot of some one man to enunciate some particular law of nature, which he is therefore said to have discovered, and which is labeled with his name; but it is seldom the case that the discovery is due to his own unaided and original observations.

He is indebted to numberless other experimenters, it may be to a line of research which has been carried on for centuries, but it has fallen to the lot of this particular individual to crown the efforts of others by the enunciation of a law which binds together and shows the essential relation of phenomena, which have hitherto appeared to be isolated and arbitrary.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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