understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, is there any one of you who doubts the Reality of the Eye Picture, which the Chart represents to you; that your Presence is really there above you – the Presence of ALL Life? Let Us show you the proof, Dear Hearts!

saint germain God presence chart

Take a human form which an hour ago was so happy, energetic, filled with Light, Buoyancy and Power. When Life has withdrawn, the body lies there helpless. All the organs, all the faculties which were acting are there still, but the body is helpless! Then where was that Intelligence, power, substance, energy, and activity which was acting thru that body?

Right there in the Stream of Life and Energy from the Presence of ALL Life. When It withdrew, the body was helpless. Then everything which ever acted thru that form, all the Power, Intelligence or whatever it might have been, was the Power and the qualities, which came thru the Stream of Life beating each human Heart.

You cannot deny that! There is not a human Being on the face of This Earth who can deny it. There was a Presence of Life which was in that form which is no longer active. The Presence of Life was carrying each quality thru the human form and out into the Individual’s world. Then, you know you have found the Source of Intelligence, of Power, of Life, of Action, of All Supply there is in the World.

Let us no longer be limited in the feeling world, by the idea and feeling that supply depends upon human Beings in your midst! As long as you continue to accept it, you will find yourself limited. Cut it off and turn to your Presence – the Treasure-House of the Universe – and your world.

Then, remember THIS, Beloved Ones, Oh please HOLD THIS firmly before yourself forever!

When you call to your Presence for your money supply or any supply you require for use, your Presence, is your Treasure-House actually, practically and literally! It probably would not release coined money in your hands just yet; but It is the Power of Intelligence at your Call, which sets Its Energy into action in your body.

All persons, places and conditions, required to bring financial money supply into your hands – by the Wisdom, Power and Love of the Presence, will be set into action to bring it to you. You will be caused to harmonize yourself and do whatever you are required to do, to cooperate with the Activity of Life which produces that result for you.”

The Great Divine Director

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