understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh Dear Hearts, once you would only understand it, you could not be deprived of anything you need for your use. It would be impossible! There is not one human Being on This Earth, who owns anything. Oh, if mankind would only understand that! You don’t even own your bodies! If you did, you would keep them! Notice how practical all this is! If you owned those bodies, you would keep them, wouldn’t you? At least as long as you wanted to. Then, somewhere something is missing!

Life is always Omnipresent and acting! It is your Limitless Supply of all you require for use! Your Presence is the Individualized Presence of God, who holds within Its Radiance and Power, the Supply of all things; in substance, in energy, in quality!

As it releases the Intelligent Substance or Energy, into action in the human octave, the conditions are brought about for a Complete and Full Release of what you require.

Don’t you see how It cannot fail in a single instance? It just cannot do it.

Then, what you need to do is watch, and if you are not having a quick and Full Response to your Call – don’t be discouraged, but say:  “Hold on here now! What is the mater with me? What is acting here which should not? What am I not doing that I should?”  Then, call the Presence into action and say:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! let me know definitely now what is the reason here.”

Be practical! Don’t be afraid of anything, but be so practical and say:  “Here let this thing stop right now! I have made the Call and I know it must be answered! Whatever human quality is in me, take it out!” 


Be firm about it, and Oh, how quickly, you will find your Calls being answered with Great Speed and Power! It is Magnificent!”

The Great Divine Director

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