the key to theosophy…

“Mr. Old (cont):  Now as every person is born [     ] {of?}, as it is said, well through the astral plane, it hence follows that the moment of birth is that time when the individual existence commences, and the person is brought under an individual law, and in the general law which controls the revolution of the planets, both in the astral plane and in the physical plane. And I believe myself that planets only exert an influence upon us through the astral plane itself – that is to say, that it is not the material planet, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, or any other- which affects us, except physically.

But we know they do affect us in our desires; for it can be without a doubt predicated that at any particular time a person will be actuated by desires which are, to a certain extent, foreign to the general tenor of that person’s life.

If that can be done – and it certainly can – that at certain times people shall be moved by influences not generally a characteristic of theirs, then we can refer these, of course, to a plane which is certainly higher than the material plane. And therefore these forces – not being physical forces, but psychic forces acting on the psychic plane on the individual and of nature – must necessarily originate in the physical plane. That is to say, in a plane higher, at least, than the physical plane.

And thus it seems there is a necessity for planets existing in planes higher than the material plane, and yet corresponding to the material planes which are visible to us on this physical plane. I think you will see the necessity yourself, because life in itself is homogeneous. It has but one quality and that is life; it is only when it becomes refracted or differentiated that it has a quality, that it can be said to have any particular quality.

The modifications of life, hence, would be what constitute individual life, very much like, of course, the colours on the prism: they are all light, but it is the aggregate of all degrees of colours, all tones in equal proportions, that would make up the white. It is when one predominates that the white becomes tinged with a tone or a distinct colour.

Thus, if more pink were in the aggregate, then the white would be no longer white but it would be pink; so, whatever principle happens to be in excess in an individual, so that person is called either Saturnian, Jovian, Marsian etc. I am speaking, of course, of the ultimate effects of planetary influences upon individuals and how it would operate.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Occult astrology says that, just as you explain it, but that colours having, each of them, a particular tendency or a faculty of impressing one way or the other what ray that individual will be, so are his passions or desires affected. It is the colour of the ray that impresses.

For instance, if such a colour comes {from} Saturn of Venus, if he happens to be born under this planet, then certainly every time that a certain colour – by passing through this astral plane that you have been talking about, and passing through other certain things – assumes a certain colour, this colour it is which affects the individual mentally, and psychically, and spiritually, and all kinds of ways. Is it like that?

Mr. Old:  Yes. Of course, we know that we are individually impervious to certain colours. Thus, some people show an instinctive liking for this colour, and a distinct hatred for the other; at any rate, they feel a psychic influence arising from the presence of these colours.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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