understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One more thing I want to say to you. You may not comprehend it; but at least in your attention, you can and contemplate it, if you will.

Beginning in this Class, there will go forth a Power of Radiation to Russia and her people, to try to bring the Great – the vast Remedy which is needed. Should this become victorious, then you can feel a Gratitude and Service rendered which will be beyond all words to describe.

Remember, the beginning of this destructive element was in Russia, in connection with the three individuals in New York, who started this frightful destruction to mankind and the Earth.

Once, not so long ago, We thought there seemed to be no hope to bring this transformation into Russia; but recent evidence there, has given Us renewed hope; so We will do Our Utmost to pour forth a Radiation to the mass of her people; to do what We could scarcely hope for a short time ago.

You are not only solving your own problems and holding America’s Protection; but see how It is reaching into the Whole Earth! It seems so fragmentary to you I know, but in every country in the World, there are Groups of “I AM” Students; some places small, but enough so We may focus This Mighty Power of Light at those points.

In South Africa, where as Washington’s Vision has shown, was to arise that great cloud to submerge America; there has been drawn and established a Mighty Sincere Group of “I AM” Students. It is magnificent! Shall I tell you what they said concerning some destructive literature which went even to Africa?

You know how the sinister thing, tries to do such things, tries to spread its destruction everywhere. When its destructive literature reached those students, momentarily they were shocked. Then they gathered themselves together and said:  “Well if those Messengers are good enough for the Ascended Masters, then they are good enough for us”, and they dispelled the whole thing at once!

That was magnificent, and what a Great Truth they uttered!

Therefore, Beloved Ones, you see how these destructive elements have no power, if there is only a Nucleus for this Anchor of the Light within a place or locality.

In the various countries of Europe, wonderful sincere Groups of Students are applying these Decrees with dynamic Power; and We shall give them more than Ordinary Assistance, you can be sure!

I want you to know how great is your Blessing and Privilege. This Light, and your “I AM Presence”, your Life, is the Freedom of yourself and the World. So let us enter in with renewed Enthusiasm, Joy and Energy into your Decree Work, for It releases the Substance required.

You cannot help but know, as you render This Service to America and mankind, it would be impossible for you not to have your own Freedom.”

The Great Divine Director

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