understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Just one more word concerning your finances. Dear Hearts, please accept this and feel it with all the Power of your Being! There is not one of you here, or among the “I AM Students”, who is earnest and sincere, who could not before retiring, stand and raise your hands to the Presence something like this and then say:   

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’! I refuse acceptance of any financial limitation any longer! I positively refuse it! Take command of me and my feeling world! Release thru Your Power of Divine Love, the supply of money I require now!”

There is not one of you who could not have it released in forty-eight hours, if you would only realize it. Try to feel that, with renewed enthusiasm and a Tremendous Release of energy. It will bring about your Freedom in this respect, so It gives you rest and Peace in your feeling, that your Application does tremendously more in all you require.

I am determined, if you will allow Me, to assist every sincere “I AM” Student in America to be Free, from all feeling of financial limitation. Such a thing is not possible in the Understanding of your “I AM Presence”.

If there has been a great momentum built, by the human sense of limitation; then call your Presence to dissolve and consume every vestige of it in your feeling world; because your feeling world is your Power-house, and there is where the thing acts.

There cannot one thing outpicture in your physical body which does not have its cause in your feeling world, and just remember that.”

The Great Divine Director

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