understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Things which bothered and disturbed you before, will never do it after today; if you will just keep yourself reminded of this. Oh, I want you to know so much, how really Free you are.

I hope, I trust for those who attend This Class, before ten days are past, it will be My Joy to dissolve and consume the human accumulation of ninety percent of all who are present.

You may be sure, Beloved Ones, to the limit the Great Law of Life permits, will this be done, not only for your Freedom; but the Greater Assistance you may give, for the Blessing of mankind and the Protection of America.

We have watched the Individuals for whom this has been done. The release of their energy, their substance for use has in most instances been ten times that which was released before it was done. So you know what it means in your Individuals lives, as well as the Assistance for America.

Today, Our Rejoicing is very great. If you only knew what the Freedom of your America means to you; and how those vicious claws have tried to enter into your government. They have tried to enter into your industries; tried to prevent your aerial service; trying to cripple your Beloved America;

and this excess taxation tries to enslave you; which is always the signal for the final enslavement of all mankind!

Oh, Dear People, it is quite different this time than ever before; for when the flood of Cosmic Light strikes the mass of the people, then courage goes forth; and they arise and annihilate their own would-be destroyers.

That is not sufficient. Take Russia today for instance! One man has been traded for another continuously, since the Czar was disposed of. Just changing one effect for another.

That is not sufficient; but from the Heart of those people – there must arise a mighty sincere Honest Individual, whom the people will at once see is their friend; and then would come the solution of the same problem in every country in the world.

Treachery and deceit in high places, has brought the distrust of the mass of mankind and they do not know upon whom they can depend; but as the Cosmic Light increases Its Intensification in the Earth, We are trying to so adjust It, there will be raised up in those countries – Individuals of Power, which will call forth the Power of Light to sustain them in their Honesty, Honor, Integrity and Blessing to their fellow man.

It is the only hope!

We hope they will reach a great fruition; and possibly as We find progress, We may ask the Students of the Unites States to add a special Decree for this.

You have been using the Decree that Ascended Master Friends be raised up everywhere – a most magnificent thing; but now decree a Great Honest, Honorable Individual whose Light is strong enough, be raised up in every country in Europe; and the confidence of the people rest there; so the Power of Light’s Constructive Activity takes Its Dominion.”

The Great Divine Director

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