understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will pardon me, if I use this expression – but the stubborn human Being, who will not yield and respond to the impulse from its own Higher Mental Body, must sometimes be given Assistance, in order to let that Impulse thru.

When We pour Our Light Radiation, which is Our Means of Assistance, We take out of the Individual’s feeling, the stubborn rebellion or resistance, so the Power of Its Presence can get thru to render the Service.

Now do you understand why in this Class, you feel so wonderful; you feel so at Peace and Rest; and you feel as though you could accomplish anything? Because the Stilling of your human, has made it possible for the Current of Energy from your Presence, to flow forth unqualified by anything, but the Harmony which is within your feeling.

When Individuals come into the room to criticize and condemn, they are filled with turmoil in their feeling. They could not receive anything, if it were to save their lives. It would be impossible! Therefore, they should be Honorable enough to stay away.

This is the Law I am citing to you – the Law of your Life, each one’s Life.

Therefore, those who have a desire to revolve discord; find discrepancies; or something wrong, will find it; because the wrong is in their own consciousness and feeling; and so far as they are able to see, they see only what is within their own feeling!

Their feeling is their desire world; and they only desire what is within their own feeling! That is why one is out of harmony, coming into the room, would not receive anything, except sometimes to get so uncomfortable, that one would go out.

In the realization of your Privilege today, will you take a firm command on yourselves, knowing the simple Requirements? It is not much to do really, when it enables you to have such a Release, that you will never again know what it is, to meet the problems of the outer world with fear and trembling.”

The Great Divine Director

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