understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, think of it, Beloved Children of Earth, here is This Great Presence of all Life, which is giving you Life and Intelligence and beating your Heart, functioning every activity of your body; doing all this for you.

Can’t you give just a little obedience, the little which is required, to let the Light from the Presence, flow untouched by human qualification; in order to render This Service and release the Happiness and Perfection which is just waiting, waiting, waiting to push Itself thru today?

The Simplicity of it is what mankind has overlooked. Do you see why the Great Wisdom compelled These Books, to come forth in simple language and the Understanding which all might grasp?

It is the Only Way mankind can get the Clearness, the Perfect Understanding of Life. All said in Those Books, every Explanation, is the Law of the Action of your Life! everyone’s Life! Our Life!

When We say to you, Beloved Ones, We made this Identical Application, We mean every word of It. There is but one Application in the Universe which sets mankind Free.

It is first, the Understanding that you have an Individualized God Presence above you – the distance makes no difference. From your “I AM Presence”, comes the Stream of Life and Energy anchoring into your own Heart, and It gives you Life, Intelligence and Activity.


Then, knowing you have brought yourselves into this condition, by the lack of Understanding and the unwillingness to do certain things; or by not knowing you should do certain things; it has allowed discord to accumulate for centuries.

The Great Mercy of Life has said:  “Now my children, I will give you one more Opportunity.”  This is Life for the moment speaking to you.  “I have brought forth from My Secret Chamber of Life, the Fulness of the Understanding of Life.”

The one who is vicious will not understand this of course; because he or she cannot understand anything but his or her own viciousness, for such a person does not want to; but the one who is sincere and in earnest, who will still himself or herself, will know without one word from anybody, the Truth of this Instruction!

Every Heart knows It, and if every Heart is left alone, It will continue to know It daily, with Greater Power and Expansion of the Light.”

The Great Divine Director

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