understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will remember the Great Astrea, Myself, Beloved Saint Germain, Jesus and Various Ones who are Certain Authority for Certain Activities. Do you suppose We just of Our Own Desire became This?

Oh No! The Great Law of Life, which is governed by Those Great Beings whom Beloved Saint Germain has presented to you, as the Central Focus of Power for This System of Worlds, made Us the Authority for These Special Activities.

Then you know that We act wholly thru the Authority of Life.

Your Higher Mental Body knows your Requirement, why you are in this particular embodiment; and what brought you here. We may not interfere with that, unless We receive the Call from your “I AM Presence”, thru your Higher Mental Body.

Do not come back and say to the Messengers:  “There is a contradiction.”  Beloved Ones, there could not be a contradiction in the Law of Life! It is the Individual’s lack of Understanding, which some people seize upon and by which they try to find discrepancies.

This Law of Life is Unerring! It makes no mistakes! We live in accord with It and are obeying It! When your Higher Mental Body calls to Us, for the Assistance which must be rendered, not a thing in all human creation could prevent it!

Let Us clear this. You might say:  “Why does the Higher Mental Body, whose Focus of Life is All-wise and All-powerful, call on Us?”

The Messengers have explained, but I want you to have it definitely clear this time! When you have accumulated about you, all the discord which is your creation of the past; you do not always obey the Direction from your Higher Mental Body.

We, as Ascended Beings having gone thru all this process; having attained Our Ascension thru Self-Conscious Effort, thru This Identical Application – NOW THE CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH WE ARE, KNOWS EVERY REQUIREMENT.”

The Great Divine Director

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