understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is wonderful, Beloved Ones, so very wonderful to come to the point, where you are alert and see the activities about you, the effects which they are producing and what is acting.

Then, you will always be Master of the situation; but the moment something can sweep you into some kind of discord, it has its foot on your neck; just as definitely as you would put your physical foot on the neck of an Individual, and you know what that means! It means you are under its control for the time being.

This is sufficient for your prompting. Now let us take a little happier consideration in the achievement. Will you listen carefully to Me, while I state a few things which should mean Everything in the world to you!

Let Me remind you, of the beginning of My Effort in San Francisco, when I attempted to give you Greater Assistance, in the consuming of one-third of your own accumulation of the centuries.

Sometimes, you expect your friends to render you a service, do you not? Sometimes to do you favors! Well do you think your physical friends are as willing to render you a Service as I was? Let us think deeply, this is meaning a Great Deal.

I was willing to render This Service for every honest, earnest, sincere “I AM” Student, which I did! I did My Part! Then came the time, when another one-third was consumed!

Do not feel, I have done that for any one who has not been willing to give the Obedience required; but the Great Release to those who have obeyed, is manifest today in their Lives.”

The Great Divine Director

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