understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We think the time has come, when the Beloved Students everywhere, must feel and make manifest This Dominion in their lives.

There always comes a time in the Life and Expansion of the Light of every Individual, where after a certain amount of prompting, each one is left as you often term it – “upon his own, to sink or swim.”  Does that sound cruel?  No!

We often feel the Call of students, longing to lay their heads upon Our Chests and weep; to arouse Our Sympathy to take their defense. Well, you may lay your heads upon Our Chests, but not to weep; only to rejoice by the Power of your own Victory!

Sometimes, when the feeling comes to Us – Oh, if the Ascended Masters are all this, why don’t They do something? They are doing plenty all the time, but let Me remind you, the Messengers did not have Us pick them up and carry them around!

They had to apply the Law for their own Protection; for everything which they have, and when you will apply as dynamically as they have; and when you will refuse acceptance into your world of all foolish human gossip, you will have your Freedom then and there!

Is it not comical, that after all the Magnificent Work the Messengers have done, the Wonderful Light they have brought to mankind, there are still a few who cannot help but gossip? Isn’t it comical? It is not serious, not at all; but it shows you what you should avoid.

I bring this point to you tonight, for I think it will be of great assistance. When you hear of, or someone expresses some destructive or discordant thing, won’t you be alert and say silently:  “There is something which I must avoid; or I will be reaping the same thing he or she is.”

It is a marvelous means of prompting yourself to avoid the things, the destructive qualities acting, which you see acting in others.

Remember, another thing:  every one who expresses discord of any kind – now this is concerning the General Law of Life – is but counter-acting the Great Light, called forth to bring Release and Freedom to mankind. Do you see that?

Already the world is weighted down, by human creations of discord throughout the many centuries. Relief must come now, if mankind is to survive. We are doing everything possible to be done.

If you do not think We are Truthful, then of course you have lost the Benefit which We try to give; but when We see from Our Unlimited Standpoint, your Requirement, won’t you let Us help you to quickly become Free from every limiting thing?

We are alright! We are perfectly safe, but I question your safety, unless you are willing to give This Obedience.”

The Great Divine Director

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