understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now has come the Great Astrea!  I question the Wisdom, tonight, of stating to you, the number of discarnates who have been taken out of the Earth’s atmosphere in the past eight months; for We have a Record of every one.

Bookkeepers and accountants in the physical world think you have considerable to do; but I tell you, the Records We are compelled to keep far surpass yours; and believe Me, as accurate as your Records are here, so are Our Records accurate. I shall think it over and perhaps, give you in definite figures, the number which have been removed from the Earth in the past eight months.

That is why all over America, the pressure upon Individuals is so tremendously less today; and why there are hundreds of thousands who feel it definitely.

This does not mean just the “I AM” Students; because it has taken the pressure from thousands and thousands of people who never heard of This “I AM” Activity; but THAT is the Service which must be rendered mankind.

People who are relieved from the pressure of their relatives and friends in their invisible association, are feeling definitely This Great, This Tremendous Release.

We are just having a little resume, tonight. Think of it, the Beloved Goddess of Liberty, was the Great Wisdom and Power which gave Washington the Vision, you have come to know so well – the third episode of which, We are trying now to prevent acting in your Beloved Country.

She, in Her Great Wisdom, saw down the centuries what would affect America; and thru Mighty Saint Germain’s Great and Wondrous Activity, is making possible to avoid the third and most destructive thing, which would ever overtake the Earth.

Because it meant, if that should be victorious, there would be no place on the Earth decent for mankind to live.”

The Great Divine Director

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