understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messengers never wished harm to any human Being in their lives and never shall. They love and bless every human Being – even those who criticize and condemn them and send vicious projections at them.

They know the Law and they are living It; but the unfortunate human Beings who will not believe that, will have to reap their viciousness sent out. They are most unfortunate indeed, for one day, they will understand how great has been their mistake.

This is why We take these things up concerning your activities definitely and clearly, so all may understand, if they will.

You are soon going to have to choose whether you will control your feeling or not. That is why I say this, so positively. Do not ever look around and blame any one else for anything. You are the only person who is concerned. If a mistake seems to be made, call the Presence into action to correct it and take your mind off it.

Then you will be Free! IT IS THE ONLY WAY!

In this Great Release of Light, Power and Energy, only when you are ascended, will you come to know how great has been the Blessing of this night and of this day.

Sometimes, We long to release within you the All-seeing-eye which makes no mistakes; so you might see what is going on in your so-called invisible world. To Us there is no invisible world anywhere! There is no such a thing, and the so-called invisible is only to the human octave.

Everything is visible, when you are Free from the limitations of the human octave. Everything is visible, I say to you!

Therefore, do not let the appearance world of the human octave longer limit you, distress you or hold your attention. Just feel with the Strength, Power and Courage of your Presence, Its Great Energy go forth and set you Free.

There is no reason in the world why you should continue longer in any limitations; if you care to take and apply These Laws and have the Freedom which They bring.

There are a great many people today, who can quickly have This Freedom, if they only will! We cannot compel you to do it! We have no desire to, but Our Love is Great Enough to give every Assistance possible, at your Call; and give to you the Strength and Energy, until you stand Victorious yourself.”

The Great Divine Director

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