understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, for a few moments, will you just still yourselves and let the Full Power of This Radiance, take Its Dominion in your feeling world; and just fulfill Its Mighty Desire there, to set you Free in the Glory of Its Activity?

Turn your attention for a few moments to your own Great God Presence and let Its Powers flow in, thru and about you and have the Glory which It is!



Great Presence of Life, charge into the feeling world of each one, the Full Glory of Your Courage, Strength and Confidence in each one’s Call to the Presence; so there is released instantly, the Full Glory of Its Power to govern; to control the feeling world of each one; and to hold Its Dominion in Perfect Harmony thru each one; until the Fullness of Its Power finds Its Complete Dominion in the Activity of the outer Life.

Cause each one to feel that his or her Life Stream, is the Action of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” in the human form; which can be intensified, until Its Glory fills the entire body, releasing the Light which is within every cell.

Cause each one to feel the Continuous Out-pouring of Its Great Light and Freedom which sets all Free and quickly.

We call this and charge It to become Eternally Sustained and active within each one; produce Its Dominion; and take command of the feeling world; hold it so Harmonious in Feeling, Thought and Speech, that no longer does irritation of any kind find a resting place within the human form!

We decree this to be the Victory for each one! May Our Call tonight, remain in the consciousness of each one for his or her Freedom; so It may each day intensify in Its Action to produce those results.

In the Full Glory and Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Love and Blessings of the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light and the Great Cosmic Beings, I enfold you tonight, Beloved Ones; in Our Ever-expanding, Intensified Activity of your own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”; to flood your world with everything you require in the Service of the Light – money, food, clothes, conveyance, transportation, anything which is required.

“Mighty I AM Presence”, take command of these minds and bodies! hold them so Harmonious the Release from Thy Great Treasure-house, comes forth in all required, to give them the Happiness and Freedom which comes alone from Thee!

Make This a permanently sustained Mighty Activity, within the Life and World of each one!

I thank you.”

The Great Divine Director

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