understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious People, bear with Me a moment. Feel this deeply, as I show it to you!

Your Life follows your attention, and flows to the objective, upon which your attention is fixed and you cannot prevent it! Therefore, if your attention has been fixed upon human creations and limitations, you have to experience human limitations and creations in your world.

When you turn it to the Presence and hold it there, keeping your feeling harmonious, you will quickly begin to release a Greater Intensification of the Light and Energy from your Presence; which will flow in, harmonize and produce Instantaneous Results at your Call.

It requires momentum! It requires continued activity! When We say – turn to your Presence, We do not mean all day long; but powerfully and definitely several times a day.

There are a few people who can turn instantly, who have never known of the Presence; and feel It so instantly in their feeling and intellect, that they can upon the issuing of a Decree, have it fulfilled, but those people are not many.

According to the FEELING OF INTENSITY, can they have Those Results; but if your nature is such you need to make definite application, then do not hesitate to continue, until the results are there.

Your Application to your Presence cannot fail! It is Self-Luminous, Intelligent Substance which goes forth at your Call; there is nothing to resist and there is nothing can interfere with That Light which goes forth! It will dissolve all unlike Itself as It goes forth.

It is the Power of the Universe! Therefore, as you understand It, and as you make your Call and realize why It is not just a Principle of Life, energy and action, you will know why That Light cannot be resisted.

It is because the Light is Self-Conscious Intelligence – Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance.

It is why, Dear People, the most terrific viciousness ever focused at two human beings, has been focused at these Messengers, for no reason at all; but it does not touch them nor interfere with This Activity.

This is why We sometimes take up these points with the Blessed Students; because for the people who try to injure them, it is pitiful thing. Individual who send out destructive thoughts and feeling will reap them – every one!”

The Great Divine Director

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