understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, when such a Wonderful Condition exists, as is here in this room, We just long to take you in Our Arms and hold you there for a few moments; until every vestige of everything which has ever been accumulated, is dissolved and you stand Free!

How We long to do it; but mankind must thru its own Application set Individuals Free!

Wherever the effort is in earnest, We will give Assistance to the limit. Never doubt that, Beloved Ones. You are never alone when you have entered This Stream of Light; never in the world, because some of Us are always watching over, to see where Assistance is needed, for We know far better than you, when It is needed.

Tonight in this most delightful hour, may you feel the Full Release of all that is yours! I say to you:  do not longer accept any limitation! The Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” take command of you and your world! Silence the human within each one! Cause it to be obedient to the Great Law of Life. Cause it to cease forever, requalifying this Pure, Perfect Energy which flows forth from the Presence and into your body, with any discordant feeling.

Take command of each body, “Mighty I AM Presence” tonight! Hold the human so calm and serene, Joyful and filled with the Great Loving Harmony and Blessing; that Its Energy flows forth just like a Mighty River, performing Its Purifying Service! Then, let It go out into your world, harmonizing everything and bringing the Release of everything which is required.

I charge your Higher Mental Body, every one tonight, from this moment – to stand guard over these bodies, with such Invincible Power that no longer is the human discordant. No longer, does it accept the appearance world of discord and limitations; but in the Great Calm Serenity, thru calling to the Presence; receive Its Out-pouring Limitlessly in Its action to produce Health, Harmony, Joy, Courage and Strength in the body.

It goes out into the world of each one, producing Its Harmonizing Activity; Its Successful Achievement and filling each one with the Conscious Power of his or her own “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Keep It flowing forth with Its Mighty Directing Intelligence, which makes no mistakes.”

The Great Divine Director

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