understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is another point, I want to refer tonight. Beloved Ones, why do not all have the Clearness of the vibratory action in the brain, which gives them the Clear Direction from the Higher Mental Body? Because of various things which have caused the density of the brain structure; until it does not vibrate rapidly enough, to let the Direction of the Presence come thru.

Shall I make another Very Drastic Statement to you? There is not one student of the “I AM”, who has been in This Understanding one year and is really in earnest, who has not stepped up a receptivity of the Vibratory Action of his or her brain, more than fifty percent in one year! That ought to be encouraging. It is True! It is Absolutely True!

The various habits of mankind which have made the brain structure dense, must be discontinued. They are alcoholic beverages, narcotics and smoke. Smoke is worse than other kinds of use of tobacco in that respect; for that smoke penetrates the fine cells of the brain; and if beloved mankind knew what inhaling smoke did, the people certainly never would do it the second time.

These qualities Individuals have drawn into themselves from the appearance world; by the activity of the sinister force, who wanted to make the brain so dense, that mankind could not receive the Divine Direction from the Presence.

Another activity is the waste of the sex energy, which draws from the brain, the Illuminating Power which would cause it to vibrate more rapidly. Then, the density comes also from meat in the system. Too much starch also makes it dense.

Those are the five particular activities, which have created greater density in the brain structure of mankind; to prevent it vibrating rapidly enough, to receive clearly and definitely from the Higher Mental Body, whatever would set the people Free, like that (wave of hand).

These are actual Laws which you are compelled to live in and under. If Individuals wish to correct these conditions themselves, if they had made these mistakes; then We are ready to give Every Assistance Possible.

We never judge or condemn mankind; but remember, Beloved Ones, you must be strong in your stand with your Presence; because of your own human creations; because of the mass atmospheric pressure of all mankind in which you are constantly moving.

It is why one has to be strong in the Acceptance of and holding fast to the “I AM Presence”; and it is why the Progress and Expansion of the Light of the Messengers has been so Tremendous; BECAUSE THEY WERE FIRM AND DETERMINED.

After Beloved Saint Germain explained to them what was required, they were dynamic in standing guard over their own worlds. They made such Dynamic Application, as you could scarcely imagine; but that is what is required.

At first you must necessarily make firm Determined, Dynamic Application. Then, you will soon break thru, disprove and consume the accumulation of discord about you, which has prevented your Freedom.”

The Great Divine Director

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