understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In twenty-four hours, the Service which has been rendered your city here, is delightful beyond words. Thousands and thousands of discarnate entities have been taken from your city in twenty-four hours! You have no idea how mankind is affected, by the Individuals who cannot leave the Earth, who long for association with human Beings.

Remember always, the Mercy of the Great Law which has made possible This Service for the Earth! Do you realize, only a few years ago, This Service could not have been rendered; because enough of the Free Will of the Individual could not be set aside, until the Great Cosmic Law made It possible.

Do you understand? I feel you do not just understand what We mean, when We speak of the Great Cosmic Light. It is an Activity of the Law of Life for the Earth, directed by a Group of Masters, which the Messengers refer to as the Great Central Sun.

That Cosmic Light is projected into the Earth, by These Great and Mighty Beings Themselves; a Consciously Projected Activity, Dear Ones! It is not an involuntary activity, when We refer to the Great Cosmic Light; but It is projected by This Group of Cosmic Beings who govern This System of Planets.

In the seven physical planets, to your System, it acts as a “V” shape, and your Earth is at the lowest point. You came down this side (the left side) and you go up this side (the right side).

You came down here consciously, by turning your attention away from your own “Mighty I AM Presence”. You kept lowering and lowering the rate of vibratory action by your attention on things, instead of the Presence; until you find yourself in your present state of density.

Now, you will begin ascending into These Planets above the Earth. Venus is your next one above the Earth on the upward trend. Therefore, Beloved Ones, that is why Venus and the Great Kumaras have been and were Those who of Their Own Volition, offered Their Service to the Earth.

They offered It to mankind to whom They could give Assistance; because mankind must in its next step, go to the Great Ones on Venus, if the people do not make their Ascension here now. I do not mean in the next embodiment, but one day the Advance of the Light within Individuals impels them into certain localities.

Those who are now in the Understanding of their “Mighty I AM Presence”, making the Call for Assistance, and decreeing for their Ascension in this embodiment, can have Help. Should they for any reason not accomplish it, they will carry This Exact Knowledge with them; when they have thrown off the body.

They will go into the Octave of Light and continue their Instruction of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. When they come back into embodiment again, they will bring with them in childhood, This Full Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Application of Its Laws.

They will then make the Ascension quickly in the next embodiment.”

The Great Divine Director

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