understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mighty I AM Presence”! tonight, assert Your Dominion in every one! Glorify Yourself in Your Expression thru mankind without limit! To those who are in this room tonight, for which a Special Service can be rendered, see It is rendered from this hour!

In the Fullness of Our Love and Blessings, the Host of Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light and the Great Cosmic Beings, release into the world of these Blessed Ones – the Courage and Strength, Self-control and Dominion.

There they can give cooperation to the Law of Life, the “Mighty I AM Presence” – which will enable It to release quickly, Its Mighty Power of the Violet Consuming Flame; to dissolve and consume every vestige of human creation about them.

By Its Mighty Directing Intelligence, pour forth Its Mighty Intelligent Direction and show them the Way of Life which the Presence is!

Our Love enfolds you always unto your Freedom and Ascension. Try to accept even your Ascension as Real now! for the final Goal of all pilgrimage upon Earth, is your Ascension, all of which is as practical as anything in your outer world.

Try to feel all of This Great Reality of Freedom. Live in It! Be It! Then see how quickly, It will come into the Full Power of Expression forever sustained!

I thank you.”

The Great Divine Director

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