understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, the Great Cosmic Light of which the Messengers speak so often, is the Mightiest Power in the Universe! That Cosmic Light as It comes more and more into the Governing Activity of the Earth, just like the Light from your “I AM Presence” – knows no obstruction; knows no interference; and the Cosmic Light is steadily and surely flooding into the Earth everywhere!

It is why I mention these things for your encouragement, Dear Ones. FEEL IT! OH FEEL IT! as never before!

If you knew, what your feeling could do, you would be Free within a few hours. Your feeling world is the governing activity; and when you are still enough, your Call to the Presence begins to release Its Mighty Energy, flowing forth like a Mighty River into your world – carrying with It, every good thing which you desire for use.

There could be no failure to a Mighty Activity of this kind!

As you are listening to These Words, I am charging into your feeling world Our Conviction! I am sure every one of you will feel It definitely active in your world; to give you Courage, Confidence and Strength; because It all must come from your Presence.

The human does not have the Courage, Power and Strength which sustains Individuals thru all conditions; but the Presence does. It will release It into your use, and does it, as is being proven in hundreds of thousands of cases.

Won’t you take the attitude, tonight and henceforth, as the Messenger has so often urged the students to do; when anything shows an appearance in your world of activity which is distressing or limiting – in the first thought you have and the first feeling which operates, before anything else has a chance, just say:   “No you don’t have any power!”  or use the word STOP!

As you utter That Word, the Power from your Presence goes forth and holds it, as it were, from your world. Then say:   “‘Mighty I AM Presence’ Take charge here! Project Your Mighty Presence and Energy into this condition! Bring Perfection and Divine Justice out of it!”

If you will do this, you will find no difficulty in releasing the Power of the Presence into action in your world, to perform any given service which you require!”

The Great Divine Director

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