understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So far as your health is concerned, Dear Ones, don’t let your human make you feel, you must yield longer to the appearance of distress or ill health. It has no power!

What produces pain, distress and ill health in the body?  Discord in the feeling and the belief of the mass of mankind, they are subject to such a condition, which they really are not!

This is where you students of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, can be a Magnificent Example to the rest of mankind.

So many of the Beloved Students, are the Standing, Living Wondrous Proof of Health established in the body!  It is magnificent!

Now let Us for a moment, step forth and see what We may do in This Magnificent Service to be rendered for Our Beloved America today!

Don’t question Its great need! If you saw as We do, the need, you would give your utmost to make your Call to the ” I AM Presence” with such Determination, that all required would be released into action! into the mental and feeling world of mankind and the Earth; for America’s Protection and the Blessing of mankind.

On the other hand, for your encouragement, I want to say, since the Messengers came to San Francisco, a Service has been rendered which would to the human, seem absolutely incredible in every way. Not only in America, but in Europe, the great accumulated war entity, is rapidly being dissolved over Europe.

I tell you, Beloved Ones, after so many centuries of the lethargy of mankind, it is wonderful to see the Awakening, sufficiently within three short years, less than three years! The people are beginning to call with such earnestness; and release these things from the Presence today.

Beloved Ones, it is Unparalleled in the History of Earth!

These things which are invisible to you, are as Tangible to Us as your physical bodies are.


Therefore, We do not say things just for your encouragement. We do it to give you Strength and Power to go on, and on, and on, in This Mighty Call which is doing so much more, than anyone can imagine.”

The Great Divine Director

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