understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t let your human make you waver or longer feel, because of the appearance world, you still exist in the same state, you were in yesterday. Not one of you Beloved Students in Seattle, is the same as you were yesterday. Why? Because We are doing a Tremendous Work in your city; and you will see the result of It later!

For everyone who is earnest and sincere, We are releasing into his or her world of activity, a Power from which those Blessed Ones will see the Results.

No matter how great the stress may seem, even tonight, still say to that appearance:  “You have no power! There is only One Power which is governing my world and bringing the Release of what I require into my use right now!”

When you take that positive firm attitude, there is no human vibratory action in the outer world in which you move, that can touch or delay the Release of this which you require.

For anyone who wants a position say: ” Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ take command of my mind and body! Place me in Your position, where you wish me to be; and cause me to feel and know that no human Being nor creation has any power to prevent it. Therefore, take me Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ into my own Right Activity – my own Right Service and do it right now!”

If you will take the Firm Determined Attitude and know your Presence is the Governing Power of your world; and of all else where It wishes to place you, your Victory will come!

Do you see no one can be deprived of the Service he or she requires; or the money which such Individuals require for their comfort, shelter and clothing?

Oh for that time, which once before existed in your Beloved America, when everything came forth from the Octave above, precipitated in the use of mankind; clothing, food and everything which was required.

Does it seem far off today? Not nearly so far, as you might think!”

The Great Divine Director

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