understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In rendering the Service to America and your fellowmen, I may not yet say to you, just how much you amplify and intensify your own Call, for your own Individual Freedom; but remember, a Service of that kind may do for you, what no single human effort would do; because when you Joyously and Willingly give Service to America and your fellowman, you have entered into a Vast Stream of Perfection, Activity and Power!

As you come to realize this, you will see every single effort you make, toward your Freedom and Perfection – in the Acknowledgment of your Presence, becomes a Powerful Thing in your Life, there is no limit to what can be done for you!

That is why I have made some seemingly, almost drastic Statements recently; because I want you, if you will, to awaken to the Reality that your Presence is All-Powerful. Its Light knows no resistance nor interference, when you call It into action; and to the degree you can feel It, will you have a Speed and Activity, not only in the perfecting of the atomic structure of your body, but in the Expansion of your Light.

In the activity of your world, there is no limit! Try to feel it as never before!

I want to say to some of the Blessed Ones here in Seattle who have felt considerable struggle:  please do not let your human self govern you longer, in This Understanding of your “I AM Presence”. 


Try to release It! I will help you! Place everything in the Hands of your Presence! Your Presence is your Treasure-house! Its Wisdom governs everything concerning the Release of the money or what else you require for use.

It is the Authority! It is the Certain Release, and if channels be used, Dear Ones, then the Wisdom of your Presence will select those channels! It will bring you in touch with whatever is required, if you really put things in the Hands of the Presence; to release all you require for use.

It cannot fail.”

The Great Divine Director

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