understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I thank you, Blessed Ones from the various cities, for making the Call to Me, to enable the Service to be rendered in the removing of discarnate entities from your environment, yourselves and your cities.

I say to you tonight, Beloved Ones and you who may not be so familiar with This Activity: “The Greatest Blessing on the face of the Earth today, is in This Service of removing from the atmosphere of the Earth, the individuals who have passed from their bodies, which we call – discarnate entities.”

There are in your Earth’s atmosphere, hundreds of thousands of Individuals who cannot leave the Earth of their own volition; because of the conditions, they created before passing on!

Today, the Great Cosmic Law has said this condition must be given a Dispensation! Therefore, as Authority of This Law, I have set It into action. Those who could not have removed themselves from the darkness of their own creations in the astral or psychic world, which is a part of your Earth, are being released and removed by the hundreds of thousands.

It is a Service never rendered on the face of this Earth before; and the Release of their pressure of discord in the atmosphere of your cities, is the Evidence that it is actually being done.*

*On December 2, 1939, during the Class in Washington, D. C., the last of the remaining discarnate entities in the United States of America were taken away, the Circle of Blue Flame drawn, so no more would be allowed to enter and now as soon as individuals pass out of the body, they are taken out of the atmosphere of Earth immediately.
At the same time, the astral or psychic plane was also consumed; for that was the accumulation of destructively qualified substance, thought and feeling forms, which had been held here for centuries.
This Transcendent Service to Our Blessed Country was accomplished by That Glorious Being, the Goddess of Light, Our Beloved Saint Germain and Others of the Ascended Masters who assisted.
Our Gratitude to Them is boundless and Eternal for that Transcendent Service.”

The Great Divine Director

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