understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, when you are a little angered and you determine to have a thing, or do a thing, you exert an abundance of energy, do you not? Well, isn’t this much more important – your Complete Freedom?

You do not have to release the Full Power of Energy which you release in the tremendous flash of anger! All Energy which is released in your Achievement, must be a Steady Out-pouring – not intermittent!

By intermittent activity, you lose much of what you gain; but when you with firm determination call your “I AM Presence” into action; take firm command of your human self and compel it to be obedient; you are balancing the Power of the Presence which is called forth into the physical octave. It is what is required for your quick Victory.

As you do it, and I will help, you will find ere long, that which seemed so much obstruction, so limiting in the outer world, will have lost its power.

I trust I shall find you, when the Messengers return at Christmas time, the Most Marvelous Wondrous Free Beings! Won’t you accept This and let Its Perfect Activity take place in your world? You can do it! It is for you!

Allow no thing in the outer world to interrupt!

Do not discuss This or say to each other:  “I wonder after all, if that was just talk?”  I urge you, to be careful! This is a Mighty Law set into action! Please be obedient and do not discuss this night with each other, if you want to be Free!

Go with all the Gratitude and Sacredness of this night in Adoration to your Presence! Look not to the right nor left! Listen not to anyone who would say anything discouraging to the Sacredness of This Night!

I understand you do not yet comprehend the Fullness of This;  but it is not necessary to comprehend it all this moment! If you could I would say to you:  “Be Free! Arise!” and it would be done;  but your Requirements must be taken into consideration.

To the degree you will do this, will you find yourself – a changed Being;  and your world, a New World, which yesterday you could not have believed could take place by tomorrow!

Now This is a Service being rendered. Will you accept it as a Sacred Blessing to you?”

The Great Divine Director

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