understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We say to you doubting Thomases, We are not in the slightest concerned.  If you wish to doubt, doubt and you will be the loser!  If you will accept the Truth of This Law, I have told you, you will be the Beneficiary in the Greatest Manner Possible!

We are not concerned with those who doubt, but to all Earnest Students of America, We say:  “Arise with the Scepter of your Dominion and all this condition in America which has endeavored to bring Her into destruction, shall dissolve from within her borders!”

Do you think We forget the rest of the World in This Service to America, when there is no race nor nation to Us?  Then why do We urge you, to call and give This Service to America?

Because America is the “Cup of Light” to the Earth. The Law, the Great Cosmic Law compels It to be so! It is not anyone’s particular desire; but because it is so, We must first render This Service and Assistance to America, then This Light expands and the rest of the World may be free!

Think of it, Beloved Ones!  In the Far East, there was the Great Shamballa, where the Great Masters from Venus, Lords of the Flame from Venus, came and established the City of White.  It remained there for centuries upon an island, They created for It and poured forth Their Radiance to mankind.

Thru much of the East there was the worship and use of the Unfed Flame, where people came and took Fire from the Unfed Flame into their homes. That touch of the Unfed Flame lasted throughout the year.

In your use of This Great Call today, who of you shall say how soon – in your Honest Deep Sincere Effort, the Unfed Flame would become visible in your home, for which you have been asking!  If you will call the Presence to establish It, who shall say when that will be done?

I hope none will say It cannot be done!”

The Great Divine Director

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