understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I clothe you each one, Oh Precious Children of the Light, in My Mantle of Light and Love! In It are These Qualities which you need for use. Just wear That Mantle always for Me, and let It do Its Perfect Work for you!

Why do you suppose Saint Germain was known in Europe as the “Man with the Indigo Cape”? Do you know that color is the exact color of the Cosmic Screen in the Royal Teton, and It was used for a certain purpose?

I say to you Beloved Students, do you realize what a very great champion you have in Our Beloved Lotus? I am sure most of you realize the hours, and hours, and hours, while most of humanity is sleeping, she is working, working, and working, for the Freedom and Victory of the Students – a most wonderful thing.

Please do not wonder why We have had such an Intimate Conversation; but because of the Work to be done for you, just feel It, forever active within you and your world;  


knowing definitely, no longer can a single human quality interfere with the steady forward progress to your Freedom, in every manner.”

The Great Divine Director

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