understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think, Dear Ones, I should say a word or two of our Beloved Nada. Really little has been said recently, but if you knew the Tremendous Work, She is doing constantly among the Students, your Hearts would leap for Joy. Her Tireless Efforts for each one!

It is so wonderful to come to a point of Understanding where praise or blame are alike of no effect! Where it is a Joyous Service in knowing every single effort is a Steady Winning of your Eternal Victory!

It is so wonderful to have come to a point of Understanding, where you know the word “failure” is entirely out of your vocabulary! It does not exist, not for an instant in the world of any one of you under This Radiation! It has gone out of your world completely.

Regarding your financial supply, just feel your Presence open the Door of Its Treasure-house and release into your use everything which is required.

If channels be used, then let the Wisdom of the Presence select those channels, so there could not be a single discordant experience! There could not be a single mistake; there could not be a single failure to have that which you require for use.

It is so Definite! It is so Powerful! Please feel It! Rest in It and know – the Dynamic Action of the Presence is producing those results! Why do I say “Dynamic Action of the Presence”? Because you must feel that under certain conditions.

Until you have a Greater Sense of Freedom, you must feel it DYNAMICALLY ACTIVE! Then at each Call, will come the Result.

Beloved Saint Germain, Beloved Nada, Beloved Master Jesus, Beloved Chananda, Cha Ara, David Lloyd, Rex, Bob, Nada and Pearl; Mrs. and Mr. Rayborn, all wish me to convey Their Love and Blessings to you.

The Beloved Leto wants you to know, there no longer exists any uncertainty in you or your world. The Victory stands there ACTIVE within each one of you – in your feeling world.

May it have Its Full Dominion now and forever sustained!

I thank you.”

The Great Divine Director

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