understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wonder do you realize what it means for Our Beloved Betty Mundy to take down all of this, which she has so faithfully done; and our Beloved Lotus to get this ready for the Students everywhere?

In a conversation of this kind, don’t feel under obligation to use in published form, just every word I have said; because it is done to bring Certain Activities within you; but it is needed to stabilize and hold such a Firmness, that no longer is there a single moment yielded to less than the Perfection which you want.

I thank all of you for This Opportunity, to again give forth This Assistance, and one day you will see how much It has meant; but remember, you are not separate from Us and you know you cannot be separated from your “Mighty I AM Presence”!

Therefore, why give power any longer to human appearances, to human discordant conversations? Why do it? I am sure, you will all be strong enough from this hour, to just simply hold the Wall of Light so strong, that not a discordant thing can register within your feeling world.

May each one of you ere long, drink from the “Crystal Cup.” Who shall say how soon, you may! Won’t you accept It, until Its Arrival in the Physical Form is yours?

Beloved Ones, the Experience recorded of This Good Messenger, are only the beginning of what you may all experience; once all disturbance is removed from your feeling world! It is not difficult!

Will you give Me your Assistance just for a few moments and serenely think of the Qualities which you desire most quickly made manifest in your experience?

Then send that desire to your Presence to have it established, sustained and all-powerfully active henceforth in your feeling world for constant use, forever sustained? (silence) I rejoice with you, each one.

I think you do not quite realize, whenever your attention comes back to this evening, instantly you set into action These Qualities established within your feeling world. I don’t mean, you should continually allow your mind to dwell upon this evening; but as you naturally do return in attention to this evening, it will instantly set into action These Qualities, which I have established in you tonight.

It is a very tremendous thing, if you once really realize it. It is quite the same, only It is more Powerful Activity for you, when you give your attention to the “I AM Presence” – the Law of Its Being, is It must act for you.

When you give your attention to Beloved Saint Germain, Nada, Myself or the Beloved Jesus, that instant, Our Qualities are acting in your feeling world.

If mankind really understood this, how quickly enormous, tremendous things could be accomplished; but because of the pull of the attention upon the outer world, it is constantly shifting, you see.

Therefore, in the realization that your Presence is your Stabilizing Power, it holds you firm upon a given objective, upon a given call, then you see there is not a thing you cannot do.

Not a thing you cannot do or accomplish; but be sure your motives are Right.”

The Great Divine Director

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