understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I call your attention to this tonight so you may, if you care to, watch it!

In the various activities which have taken place, the Light within each one expands, thru the Acceptance of the Power of the Radiation which We give. That Light becomes more and more intensified and certain Groups are being drawn together.

Do you think, Beloved Ones, really anything ever happens by chance? Surely you cannot think that! Even in the smaller things, there must be and is a cause back of every single thing, which you do in the outer.

Now then, if you have allowed some destructive quality to register in your feeling world; and you are attempting to do something destructive, then if this pressure rushes forward, where does the fault lie?

Really not with the Individual, not with the Intelligence which sent it forth; but in the lack of obedience to the Law of Harmony, is what allows discord to register in your feeling.

So you will see by that why We should not judge; why We should not condemn; and yet, why We should be firm and unyielding in Our Stand to the Light, the Harmony and the refusal to listen to discordant destructive things – regardless of what they may be about.

Do you think that is asking too much? Is there anything of more importance in all the Universe, than your Freedom? Is there anything more wonderful in all the Universe than your Ascension?

I think not!

Now at this point, let Me remind you of something, for you may be of Inestimable Assistance to others. Many people, and many among the Students, when the Idea of the Ascension came forth, thought they had but to call to the Presence and their Ascension would be forthcoming; regardless of what their attitude in the outer world was.

How unfortunate that anyone could think such a thing, when all in Life is a harmonizing, refining process. To think such a thing, for one who has lived discordantly just in this Life, say for thirty or forty years; just a simple call to the Presence would give that one the Ascension, without any effort on such a person’s part, is childish ignorance. It would be childishness and a great mistake.

There have been thousands who really thought so and who were really very sincere.  There is no limit, as the Messengers have told you, to what the Presence might do for you, at any given moment. That is why I explain this to you tonight.

There are many who are still thinking, it does not require anything but their call to the Presence to gain their Ascension; regardless of what is going on in their feeling world. Again it is childish and foolish.

Harmony is the Law of the Universe! Unless It is maintained for a sufficient period of time, in the feeling world of each one, how can the energy flow forth unqualified? It cannot do it!”

The Great Divine Director

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