understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So from tonight, take your firm stand with the Presence. While This Messenger does not wish Me to use him as an example, nevertheless I must do it. I call your attention, Beloved Ones, to his experience.

Up until he met his beloved companion, there was no one in the world to whom he could turn for Assistance. There was only one thing he could do; and that was stand and follow to the best of his ability, the Inner Promptings which came.

Then, after the contact with Beloved Saint Germain, he was shown how very accurately, he had been following Those Inner Promptings.

If every one would only follow Those Inner promptings, you would all be able to hold to the Light; but Individuals allow their attention to outer things, to make them waver, wonder, question or doubt – when they are actually having these Inner Promptings all the time; some days not having them quite so strong as others.

He did not always have them so strong that he was certain about everything, yet he continued to follow to the best of his ability. There was no one to whom he could go.

That is why Beloved Saint Germain, Nada and Myself have urged the Students, to feel the Full Power of their Presence to prompt them; then stand by It, until they can have the Full Outer Consciousness and Assurance, the Presence would always answer; because it is the Law of your Being, that It is compelled to answer.

You will soon gain a confidence in the outer, so every time you call to your Presence, instantly there will flow forth Its Mighty Energy Directing Intelligence, the Great Calm Certain Feeling within you, which gives you the Assurance of Its Accomplishment.

Tonight, as I refer to these various things, these Qualities are not only being anchored, but charged into your feeling world for action.

Oh, Beloved Ones, it is action We need now! What do I mean by that? The release thru your Decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind, of This Mighty Charge and Activity.

We repeatedly say to you, it is one of the Greatest Services which can be rendered; and in your Mighty Groups here, the Accomplishment has been wonderful I assure you, even in the past six months.”

The Great Divine Director

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