understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, Dear Ones, your Higher Mental Body knows absolutely everything you require. It will produce it for you; because It has the Full Power of the Presence and does wield the Full Power to produce any Requirement in your world; but It cannot and does not produce any destructive quality.

As you enter the Conscious Pathway, the Higher Mental Body will not release energy at anytime to the Student who has come into the Knowledge of the “I AM”, to produce any destructive quality; or which It sees in Its All-knowing Power, would be used for destruction!

You will say to Me, then how do people continue to do things which are destructive? Because of the energy already called forth which is anchored in their worlds, and with which their feeling world is charged. When that energy is exhausted, they cannot and do not go farther, in their destructive activities.

When they are exhausted, if they do not know the “I AM Presence”, they do not know how to replenish that energy. You have before you in the outer world constant examples of it.

The hypnotist who uses his energy to hypnotize thru a period of years, becomes exhausted and loses all his power; because he has used up all the energy with which his feeling world has been charged, and not knowing the Presence cannot call forth more.

The same is true with many Christian Science practitioners. Not knowing the difference between mental power and the actual Spiritual Power, which is the Energy from the Presence, they go on and produce some astonishing results in their earlier experience.

They do not know they are using just mental power; but they do produce certain results for the time being, and they are greatly elated over the certain results. Yet, they find later when that energy is exhausted, they cannot any longer do the work.

The evidence of This stands today in America before thousands of people. Many, many have come to the Messengers and have had the reason explained and in most instances, they have been people who replaced the energy in the acceptance of the “I AM Presence”; because there is no power in the world aside from your “I AM Presence”.

There is no human being who has any power separate from the Presence. Even the outer self could not have any Life, except That supplied by the Presence which beats Its Heart.”

The Great Divine Director

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