understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you look at these things from This Great Law’s Standpoint, they are simplicity itself. Our unhappy critics who criticize Us for the simple language used, are but held within their own intellectual vanity.

Why should We acquiesce to the human opinions of the world; knowing the Results which are produced by the simplicity of Our Language which has been used? We use your terminology to make it more forceful to you. Why should We try to use technical terminology, which does nothing but make confusion within Individuals?

We again call your attention to some things which We want you to go forth and use tonight, with a certain outer consciousness of your Presence acting thru your mind, body and world.

I assure you, Beloved Ones, you must be more firm than ever; and refuse to listen to discord or gossip! They charge your world with their qualities; and if your mind – unknowingly – begins to revolve those qualities within itself, your world is charged with them and you must reap the results.

When students come to a certain point in the Expansion of their Inner Light, their Zeal and Great Desire for Perfection is often preyed upon, to try to trip them up;

but if the Students will listen carefully to the Messengers in this coming Class and use that which comes forth, every one who comes into it will be Free!

We are determined, if the Students will listen to Us and be alert, to give them, not only the Outer Worded Expression of the Application and what It does; but the Quality which It contains, will be anchored within their feeling worlds, to render the same Service for them.

At this time, more than ordinary Assistance must be given and is given; but We cannot compel the action of the Individual. We can only – and often do – give vivid promptings; but Individuals will have no trouble in calling the Presence into action, if they will only not listen to destructive discussions. I mean any form of gossip, judgment, condemnation; and all that kind of thing with which the atmosphere of humanity is charged.

It is so much easier to listen from the human standpoint, than to repel it; but one must some day be firm enough to do it, and We want to get every one of you to that point, as with This Good Messenger; where even though you listen to it, you do not allow any of those qualities to register in your feeling world.

Then, you will find there will be no inclination to get irritated or disturbed about any appearance in the appearance world.”

The Great Divine Director

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