understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, how great is the Rejoicing of the Great Host of Light; because so many of mankind are understanding This Great Presence; calling It into action for the Blessing of all.

For your encouragement, this morning in Europe, a Transcendent Miracle was performed. I doubt not you will see mention of it in your papers. Go on, and on, and on, Beloved Ones, in your Mighty Call to your Presence; in your Mighty Decrees, flooding the mental and feeling world of mankind with Our Great Perfection; for the Call in Those Decrees which are sent forth like a rocket, does do Its Perfect Work.

Great, Great is your privilege in giving This Assistance to America and the World! Glorify yourselves as you feel the Transcendent Privilege which is yours!

Tonight, while These Words are being spoken to you, the Final Activity is being given for your Freedom, if you will accept It.

There are many of you who have seemed to have the appearance of age, who can transform yourselves in a short time. Won’t you try it, knowing that your Life only requires Harmony in your feeling, to Beautify, Perfect and bring back to your form, its youth and beauty?

It is not vain to wish to beautiful, in order to express Perfection. It is not vain to have a form of Perfect Health, to respond to your desire for Service to the Light and produce Perfection! Mankind just lost the way and now is finding It again, in Our Home of Eternal Perfection, the “Mighty I AM.”

Tonight, let us think of it, as a Great Homecoming. Forget this building, your old world for a moment. FEEL you have entered into This New World, where all the buildings are Beautiful and Perfect; where there is Happiness and all good things. Then in THAT FEELING, charge your feeling world with Its Reality, Eternally Sustained.

As you go into the outer world again, you will find Completeness, Abundant Supply, soon finding its appearance in your world and use.

Call often on the Law of Forgiveness for all mistakes, and then say:  “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! thru your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, wipe out all memory, all appearance of mistakes which has found action in my world.”

See how soon changes will take place; and in the place of that which has been disturbing and terrifying, will come Peace and Rest which passeth understanding. Then, out of the Presence will pour everything you require.

It is a Law of your Being. It cannot fail!”

The Great Divine Director

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