understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are the Decreer of your world! Decree Its Perfection! Turn your attention where Perfection is, and Perfection must flow back in response, to fill your world!

It is Powerful! It is Certain! It cannot fail, and I join Saint Germain in His Invitation:ย  Come Oh, Beloved Ones! Enter thru Those Gates of Freedom, into the World of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and have in use, all It holds for you!

The Love of the Entire Ascended Host, the Great Cosmic Beings, the Gods of the Mountains and the Angelic Host, pour forth to you now; and will continue to do so for your Strength, Encouragement and your Victory! Feel and accept Its Fullness!

I Glorify you in My Love and Light! My Strength and Courage are your Scepter! Stand forth! Stand forth! My Victory is yours! Claim It! Feel It, and then find Its Full Expression in your Life and world!

While the Messengers’ human forms are absent from your city, never forget for a day, the Glory of your Victory now! Each day, as your Light expands, feel more and more Its Out-pouring.

Then when they return, let the Fullness of It find Expression in holding your city in the Glory of That Light which knows no shadow, and never fails in Its Action!

You are that Light! You are the Guardians of That Light! Claim Its Fullness and abide therein! Your Victory is certain, because “I AM” the Victory of every child of Earth!

In Fondest Love, We enfold you, Oh Beloved Children of the Light.”

The Great Divine Director

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