understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do not give way to human concepts, to human impulses which would say to you: “Oh no, no, you are just deceiving yourself, you are not gaining the Victory you think you are.”  This is what your human intellect would say to you.

Then you say to it:  “You have no power! No longer do you govern my world! You have led me into limitations for the last time! Now then step aside! Get out of my way! “I AM” going into the Light!”

The Life that enables you to speak Those Words, is the Power which carries you forward to Victory on the Light!

There is naught which can stay your progress – naught that can stay the Expansion of your Light! Stand firm and unyielding! Know your Victory is Certain! Why? Because God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which is beating your Heart and giving you Life is your Certain Victory! Naught in the world can prevent It – not even your own human creation!

Remember, one-third of your accumulation of the centuries has been dissolved and consumed for you! One-third of your probation is set aside! Oh, can you not, will you not, accept THAT in the Fullness of what It means to you?

Try, for one moment, to comprehend what It means! Ask your Presence to give you the Full Comprehension of what It means to you; of the Great Assistance which is being given; of the Great Cosmic Light which makes all possible for you now.

In the great quantity of disembodied intelligences which are being taken out of the atmosphere of Earth, you will be Greatly Blest. That could not be done before.

Will you not with Me, try in My Radiance, to comprehend the Vastness of this? Oh, the Limitless Assistance being given to mankind! It is as your people say in California – so “Unusual”!

Beloved Ones, enter into This Comprehension now – as I utter Those Words! Feel It! Enter into your comprehension so It may act within your world All-powerfully!

I rejoice that I have been able to render you and your city This Service and how far reaching It is. Will you not enter into it Individually, and in your Groups, sustaining the Greatest Harmony possible?

I do not ask you to be wholly Perfect; but I do ask you to maintain Harmony Individually and in your groups; so the Completeness of This which is now set into operation, may claim Its Great Victory before the end of this year! We are doing everything possible for your Assistance and for your city.

It seems to Me all, every one in your city, should be willing to accept Our Assistance and cooperate with It, to the Fullness of all It means to you.”

The Great Divine Director

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